What can Timeliness do for you?

Plan tasks

Let's create a task...

An image says more than a thousand words: Let's create a task and see what happens during it's lifecycle.

First we give our task a title. Then we set a due date and a workload estimate and off we go!

Calendar integration

...and take a look into our calendar.

One of the created events represents our tasks deadline (the one with the 📅). The other two events represent our do dates (the ones with the ⚙️).
Do dates are events in your calendar that have the job of blocking out time, in order for you to work on this specific task. This is also a neat way to track your tasks progress which is especially useful when you have more extensive tasks.

Automatic rescheduling

Something came up? No problemo!

We all know it, plans are never set in stone. Thats why you can just put any event on top of a work unit event and see it magically reschedule.

Manual rescheduling

You are the boss.

Of course you can also just drag and drop Timeliness events around yourself, because of our two-way sync feature.
You can do this for deadlines as well as for do dates.

PS: This works for any other calendar app as well, not just Google Calendar.

Rescheduling suggestions

Let's see some options!

You can also reschedule from within the app. Timeliness will make suggestions for you, which you can choose from. If you're in a hurry you can also just let Timeliness take the wheel and make a decision for you.

Filters and tags

Stay organized with tags.

Filter deadlines, do dates or both by tags and more.

Track your progress

Are we there yet?

Timeliness helps you on every step of the way. It tells you when to work on your tasks, asks you to mark them as done and it even shows you your progress. This way you are never going to miss a deadline.

Do you want to try it yourself?

Timeliness has even more to offer, sign up now and explore it yourself!

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