Never miss a deadline again.

Timeliness connects to your calendar, automatically schedules your tasks and makes sure you get them done in time.
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Your calendar + Timeliness = ❤

Timeliness integrates seamlessly into your existing calendars. Like Google Calendar, Microsoft Office Calendar and more to come.

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How does it work?

1. Set a workload estimate

When you create a task, Timeliness asks you for an estimate of how much time you need to complete the task. Timeliness makes sure you complete your tasks, so you'll never have to worry about not making the deadline.

3h done
1h left

2. Add a due date

Ever wondered why in other apps you add a due date and are then left to plan yourself when to actually work on your task?
Timeliness does exactly that, by providing you with a plan on how to tackle your task.

January 21, 2022
04:00 PM
Write english essay
50% done 1h of work left #school

3. Don't worry, be happy

Timeliness plans out the perfect schedule for getting your task done in time, fitting exactly your availability. It does that by splitting your task into smaller chunks: Work units. Work units are events, that Timeliness automatically schedules for you, based on your tasks workload and your availability.

Write english essay Unit 1/1
January 16, 2022 02:00 PM  - 03:00 PM
Progress 0%
Do math homework Unit 1/2
January 17, 2022 06:00 PM  - 08:00 PM
Progress 80%

Syncs with your calendar

For every task you create, Timeliness creates events in your calendar one for the due date, as well as one for each of your work units.

Privacy first

Your calendar data stays where it is. Timeliness only saves data directly related to your tasks.


Auto rescheduling

Not everything going according to plan?
If you add an event that overlaps with a work unit event, don't worry about it. Timeliness will automatically reschedule the work unit.

Bidirectional sync

If you change an event created by Timeliness, it will be synced back to Timeliness and the other way around.

Even better with friends

When working together with others, it can be tricky to find dates that fit everybody involved. This is why in Timeliness you can add collaborators to a task and Timeliness takes care of finding the perfect time for all of you to work on your task together.


Organize with tags

Decorate your task with tags and assign a color to them. The primary tag of a task will define your tasks accent color.


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